Birds Through Fire

Kurosawa’s debut album “Your Star Has Fallen Over“ is now available from Trench Editions Shop. 

Originally released in 2008 on the Ruffian Records label, Kurosawa’s “ Your Star Has Fallen Over “ is a graceful collision of soaring, ethereal vocals by the angelic Karen Vogt and lushly atmospheric, infectiously melodic acoustic and electronic sounds by Paul Cartwright. 

 The influences on display in Kurosawa's music are as diverse as the individuals involved in its creation, but are blended and filtered into something entirely unique; you can hear distant echoes of 4AD artists like This Mortal Coil and The Cocteau Twins, the epic melancholy of latter day Talk Talk, the stylish noir of Portishead, the organic electronica of early David Sylvian, the acoustic, folkish beauty of HEM and even the dark, dramatic pulse of Massive Attack.

Anil Prasad of Innerviews reviews Letters to Thurza

Anil is a highly regarded music journalist who wrote this lovely review on his Facebook page.

Here's a beautiful album to kick 2016 off with: Letters to Thurza by
Robby Aceto, Paul Cartwright and Paul Smith, collectively known as
Birds Through Fire. Many of you will know Aceto for his work with
David Sylvian, Steve Jansen, Richard Barbieri, and Mick Karn. It's an
incredibly diverse album that spans the realms of expansive songcraft,
pulsing rock, and ambient and ethereal territory. It's absolutely
superb. And certainly, fans of Japan and Rain Tree Crow will find a
lot to really love here. The album was mastered by David Torn, another
longtime member of Aceto's musical circle. You can listen to a
fantastic track titled 'Portrait of Amber' below in its entirety. It
was inspired by Karn's journey into the next realm. The story of the
track is also on this page. Learn more about Birds Through Fire here: You can buy
it here:

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