produced by birds through fire at

heron ghost (new york)

sarahouse (melbourne)

​nero's bunker (sydney)

mixed by robby aceto and paul smyth

mastered by david torn

lyrics by robby aceto, paul cartwright, eve cartwright.

paul smyth; keyboards, treatments

robby aceto; guitars, piano, mandolin, guitar loops / atmospheres, drum programming, vocals, string arrangements

paul cartwright; basses, piano, keyboards, guitar, vocals, percussion


maia vidal; spoken word.

max buckholtz; violin, viola.

peter dodge; cornet, trumpet.

THE FOURTEEN TRACKS (to be listened to in sequence)

Birds Through Fire

The title “Letters To Thurza“ was one of a handful of titles we had as a list, well before we even realised we had an album (They were probably titles that could have been used for songs as well). Thurza was my paternal great grandmothers name and I envisioned my great grandfather writing letters to her during WW1.

Thurza as a girl's name has the meaning "delight, pleasantness, cypress tree" and is a variant of Tirzah (Hebrew), biblical: Tirzah is the name of a city of Israeli kings and was also the name of the first woman to inherit property from her father; she was one of the daughters of Zelophehad who asked for and received an inheritance.

It is an English female given name which had some currency in the 1800's and is now extremely rare.